Louisiana Shooting Association

Defend Louisiana is a proud supporter of the Louisiana Shooting Association which was incorporated in 1966 as an organization of individual members and affiliated clubs for the purpose of supporting the shooting sports. If you would like more information or to sign-up, click here.

• The LSA is affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program, National Rifle Association, and the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice. Membership in the LSA meets the requirement for club affiliation to purchase rifles and other items from the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

• The LSA is an organization to which affiliated clubs look for service, competition sponsorship, instruction, and help in any field of the shooting sports. The LSA supports and sponsors competitive shooting throughout the state, including yearly state championships in many shooting disciplines.

• The LSA encourages and promotes training in hunter safety, marksmanship, and junior shooting. The LSA recognizes that junior shooters are the lifeblood of our sport, and supports junior shooting in multiple disciplines through travel grants and equipment purchases.

• The LSA is totally committed to the promotion and protection of legitimate firearms owners’ constitutionally-guaranteed right to own, bear, and use firearms for the protection of home and family, sport hunting, target shooting, and any other lawful purpose. The LSA has a full-time, registered lobbyist at the state capital, who monitors firearms-related legislation. The officers of the LSA routinely testify at the state capital on behalf of the citizens of Louisiana, and are consulted by legislatures for support of key bills and initiatives.


Elected Officials


Bobby Jindal

Louisiana House of Representatives:

Speaker Chuck Kleckley (R-Dist. 36)
Rep. Jim Morris (R-Dist. 1)
Rep. Ray Garofalo (R-Dist. 103)
Rep. Richie Burford (R-Dist. 7)
Rep. Gene Reynolds (D-Dist. 10)
Rep. Alan Seabaugh (R-Dist. 5)
Rep. John Schroder (R-Dist. 77)
Rep. Valerie Hodges (R-Dist. 64)
Rep. Simone Champagne (R-Dist. 49)
Rep. Cameron Henry (R-Dist. 82)
Rep. Erich Ponti (R-Dist. 69)
Rep. Hunter Greene (R-Dist. 66)
Rep. Brett Geymann (R-Dist. 35)
Rep. Bryan Adams (R-Dist. 85)
Rep. Steve Pylant (R-Dist. 20)
Rep. Bob Hensgens (R-Dist. 47)
Rep. Chris Leopold (R-Dist. 105)
Rep. Kenny Havard (R-Dist. 62)
Rep. Clay Schexnayder (R-Dist. 81)
Rep.  Chris Broadwater (R-Dist. 86)
Rep. Jay Morris (R-Dist.14)
Rep. Stuart Bishop (R-Dist. 43)
Rep. Lenar Whitney (R-Dist. 53)
Rep. Paul Hollis (R-Dist. 104)
Rep. Rob Shadoin (R- Dist. 12)
Rep. Greg Cromer (R- Dist 90)
Rep. Kevin Pearson (R- Dist 76)
Rep. Kirk Talbot (R- Dist 78)
Rep. Julie Stokes (R- Dist 79)
Rep. Joe Harrison (R-Dist. 51)
Rep. Terry Brown (I-Dist. 22)

Louisiana State Senate:

Sen. A.G. Crowe (R-Dist. 1)
Sen. Danny Martini (R-Dist. 10)
Sen. Elbert Guillory (R-Dist. 24)
Sen. Jonathan Perry (R-Dist. 26)
Sen. Ronnie Johns (R-Dist. 27)
Sen. Neil Riser (R- Dist. 32)
Sen. Mike Walsworth (R-Dist. 33)
Sen. Conrad Appel (R-Dist. 9)
Sen. Robert Adley (R-Dist. 36)
Sen. Gary Smith (D-Dist. 19)
Sen. Norby Chabert (R-Dist. 20)

U.S. House of Representatives:

Congressmen Rodney Alexander
Congressmen Charles Boustany
Congressmen Bill Cassidy
Congressmen John Fleming
Congressmen Steve Scalise

U.S. Senate:

Senator David Vitter

Lieutenant Governor

Jay Dardenne

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry

Mike Strain

Public Service Commission:

Commissioner Eric Skrmetta

Louisiana Sheriffs:

Julian Whittington – Bossier
Steve Prator – Caddo
Mike Couvillon – Vermilion